I am a third year P.hD. student working with professor Siavash Mirarab at the university of California, IMG_0752San Diego on different topics in the field of computational biology, and more particularly phylogenomics. I am working on a new statistically consistent method of estimating species trees from a set of given gene trees. This method is a distance-based method, and faster than ASTRAL, but not always as good as ASTRAL.

Also, we are working on new methods of quantifying suport of estimated species trees give a set of ML gene trees in the pretense of ILS. This method is much faster and more reliable than well-known MLBS support in the presence of ILS.

In my spare time, I play soccer, volleyball, I do swimming, and insanity workout by Shau T. San Diego has lots of beautiful beaches that you couldn’t resist them. Going over awesome movie lists, watching TedTalks, sports, awesome online learning videos is another hobby for me.